Banyule Best Biz Awards Night 2017
Banyule Best Biz Awards Night 2017
Banyule Best Biz Awards Night 2017
Chiquita and Gypsy
Farrah and Odin

Why Choose the Yuppy puppy family?

We have been voted by our happy and loyal customers 3 years running now, in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and won “Best Retail” together with “Best Goods and Services” in the Banyule Council Business Awards which not only took in Dog Grooming businesses but 1000’s of other businesses.

We have also been awarded by Banyule Council, in 2017, the first business to go into the “Hall of Fame Award” as we are the first business to win 3 years in a row. These awards have made us extremely proud of our business with the knowledge that our customers appreciate our efforts and genuine love for what we do. You and your dog are extremely important to us. We are so proud to have won this award each year. Thanks also to Banyule City Council for holding this competition.

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life” Marc Antony. We are so fortunate that this is exactly what we do.

We are in the dog grooming business because we love dogs. Our aim is to provide a superior service for your dog and we treat your dog as if it was one of ours. We truly love dogs.

We pride ourselves on providing a 1 hour stress free experience. Services are provided strictly by appointment and usually your dog is the only one on the premises at the time of their appointment (providing the previous dog has been collected on time). This provides a quiet environment for your dog, thus a less anxious dog. We DO NOT cage dogs which again, is less stress for your dog. No dog likes being caged for hours.

We are ready for your dog on arrival attending to him/her with a one on one experience from start to finish.

We are located within the Macleod Village Shopping Strip, with a few lovely little cafes where you can grab a bite to eat or a coffee while your dog is being pampered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the most frequently asked questions about dog grooming. Please contact us if you have any question that is not here. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

How long does it usually take?

Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming Services, Macleod prides itself on setting appropriate standards for the comfort of your dog. If the hair needs to be cut, allow 45 minutes to an hour, so that we can wash, dry and cut the hair. If the hair is matted it may take more time.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the breed, condition and individual temperament.Please call for an estimate or better still, drop into the shop at 84 Aberdeen Rd, Macleod with your dog for a firm quote.

What products do you use?

We use top quality shampoos and conditioners. Most dogs are washed using a hypo-allergenic shampoo but we can vary the shampoo depending on your needs. After the dog is washed and rinsed, we may use a conditioner as well. We can apply veterinary products paying strict attention to the instructions. Feel free to bring your favourite shampoo or other product.

Can you groom my dog to the breed standard?

Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming, Macleod is highly experienced with most of the breed standards and the more popular breeds. Every dog is different and each person‘s needs vary, so a consultation can help you know your options and decide accordingly.

My dogs hair is knotted, do i need to cut it short?

If the hair is allowed to knot or develop “matts”, this is unhealthy for the dog’s skin. Knotting gets worse if the coat gets wet. Before washing the dog, it is necessary to brush out all the knots. If the hair is matted, it may be possible to “dematt” the coat. Unfortunately, this can be painful.

In some cases, dematting may cause or reveal skin irritation. If your dog is matted, we will advise you what can be done. If the hair can be dematted without causing pain to the dog, it may be possible to save the coat. Otherwise, we may recommend cutting the hair short, which means applying the clipper behind the matts.

Do you do hand stripping?

Yes, strictly handstripping only and we do not pluck as this is extremely painful on the dog and we wont inflict any unnecessary discomfort but we do handstrip which involves a thinning tool rather than the clipper to reduce the length of the hair. It is not as effective as clipping.

Can I stay with my dog and watch?

Our grooming areas are visible behind glass. However, if your dog can see you, this usually leads to the dog trying to be with you and can result in a dangerous situation. The groomer is working with sharp tools and looks to avoid additional stress and excitement.

Do you groom larger breeds?

Unfortunately due to our groomer having recent surgery, he is unable to groom the larger breeds. We do apologise for this inconvenience.

Do you cut the nails?

Yes, we are able to cut the nails on most dogs. Long nails can lead to several issues including joint problems, broken or split nails. With nail cutting, there is always some risk of bleeding. Inside the nail is a blood vessel (the “quick”) which grows with the nail.

If the nail is allowed to grow long, then cutting the nail even slightly may result in bleeding. If the nails are black, the risk of bleeding increases. If the nail bleeds, we apply styptic powder to the nail. Regular nail trimming can minimize the chance of bleeding, but not eliminate the risk completely.

Please Note: we do offer “nails only” service = $10 small dogs, $15 medium to large dogs.

What are anal glands?

We usually recommend that these are cleaned by a veterinarian.

How is my dog dried?

Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming, Macleod use professional dog dryers which are considered safe and have a heat control to avoid overheating and becoming uncomfortably hot for your dog.

What if I don't like the groom when its finished?

Please tell us before leaving. We aim to please. On the occasion where a haircut is not to your liking, and it is a matter of a little more trimming here or there, Yuppy Puppy Dog Grooming, Macleod will do it right away. Contact Us if you didn't find the answer to your question.